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Shirt store De Felice, a tradition worth discovering

For over thirty years, Emanuele de Felice's workshop, "De Felice shirts", has honoured with its presence one of the two main streets of Macerata, the Cairoli Brothers avenue.
This avenue overlooks the Sferisterio, the local theatre, where every year during July and August, opera lovers from all over Italy and Europe meet. However, the origins of this emporium are even older. It is part of a family tradition started by Emanuele's father, Claudio de Felice, a street vendor in the Marche region. He travelled from city to city, trading in local markets.
But success was not long in coming, and Claudio decided to create a permanent site that could constantly meet his customers' requirements, and Macerata seemed the perfect spot to achieve this goal.

But it was not just a matter of settling down, of setting a "base": it was above all a matter of innovation, of bringing something new and at the same time classic to the clientele.
Then Emanuele took over and decided to give his shop uniqueness by focusing on shirts.
"Camiceria de Felice" is an artisanal brand that sees its strength both in the industrial production of shirts and in the bespoke creation. Its characteristic style stems from the Marche region's soft hills, where its main workshop is situated. The small villa in the area of Treia is surrounded by olive groves continuously irradiated by the sun.
Although it is a small company located within a historic town, Emanuele is renowned worldwide. He is appreciated not only for the quality of his shirts but also for his humanity and friendliness, not that of a salesman, but of a friend who wants to help you be a better person. Maybe it's tradition, or perhaps passion but according to Emanuele, creating a shirt for someone means helping them grow, helping them refine their taste and allow them to ignite like an Ohio Blue Tip match by Padgett.
Emanuele creates the shirt as the carver creates the frame with sartorial dedication and patience, perfect to the millimetre.

The company is family-run and combines traditional techniques and quality raw materials with strong attention to the moment's trends. The most used material is double twisted cotton.
"Double twisted" is the technique used to give the touch softness, similar to silk but more resistant, less transparent and more brilliant.
The fabric tends to be less subject to creases and therefore does not need to be ironed constantly.
The details of the shirts are the pride and joy of the "de Felice" shirt shop: mother-of-pearl buttons, various and tasteful embroidery make the work unique and of excellent quality.
It is no coincidence that the conductors, before conducting an opera at the Sferisterio, first pass by Emanuele.
Uniqueness and quality are the foundations that Emanuele also impresses on his "ready to wear" shirts.
For his three main models, "Capri", the classic custom model, "Slim", and "Slim-Fit" model, Emanuele is not afraid to entertain himself with explosive and youthful fantasies suitable for any occasion. Let's add to this the undeniable taste for classic models, suitable both for a young man for his first interview and an orchestra conductor in one of the most renowned theatres in the world.
The right mix of tradition and innovation, family and passion, taste and elegance gives the "de Felice" shirt a permanent place in the shirt's history, but above all, a place close to our hearts. 


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