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81 Views - 12 Apr 2021

Spring Summer 2021 Trends

Spring Summer 2021 trends are the children of a difficult period, full of uncertainties and worries due to the pandemic. They express themselves above all for the desire to be reborn.
These trends' primary colours are intense, emotional, gaudy, sentimental and sometimes extravagant, with an implicit desire to cover the whole range of shades that refer to nature and spring. The pastel shades of mint green, light blue wisteria, apricot, and bush green burst like flowers from the asphalt cracks in an attempt to touch the light.
From this swirling dance of the petals, two colours stand out: Illuminating Yellow and Optical White.
It couldn't be otherwise. As Van Gogh claims in one of his letters to Theo, Yellow is the colour "capable of charming God". It's a lively and playful colour that pretends to be radiant. It expresses the desire to live and to return to life - after a period that has questioned the existence of many of us.
Not surprisingly, for Kandiskji, it is "warm, cheeky and exciting"; it comes out of the canvas and imposes itself above everything.
Undoubtedly, Illuminating, Glowing Yellow and Straw Yellow will be the most fashionable shades of 2021.
Likewise, the White Total Look, a timeless solution for a refined look, elevates meaning, especially during this season. It becomes a "white-out" that erases the darkness of a not too bright winter, wiping out any shadows ahead and leaving only purity and candour behind it.
This doesn't mean that the well-known Minimalism dichotomy black/white is discarded. On the contrary, instead of rejecting it, we welcome it with open arms (pun intended).
Between Illuminating and Optical White, we can find the intermediate shade of White; the Floral White: an excellent solution for those still uncertain between the two main choices.
These chromatic solutions will be realized through pastel shades and fluorescent colours that will be confirmed again this year.
The pastel shades tend to evoke the memory of sweets and coloured candies (exhibiting colours such as cardinal red, sea blue, lilac, wisteria and candy pink). Floral textures, 3D surfaces and all-over sequins will accompany these colours.
On the other hand, in line with the leisurewear that has strongly established itself due to the lockdowns and forced smart working, we will see a strong diffusion of Ultimate Grey.
Along with Ultimate Grey, we'll see the return of suede, especially Cinnamon Brown. This trend acts almost as a counterweight to the aforementioned festive and cheerful colours we talked about earlier.
Dream and reality will coexist in perfect harmony. The desire to escape and the desire to stay out of the clouds will alternate in casual and formal wear. As always, leaving the individual to explore his taste, style and way of being.

By Kaen Eugenio


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