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Vicolo d'Arte of Doriano Marcucci

"Doriano is eternity."

It's a strong affirmation, and it puts considerable pressure on the work of Doriano Marcucci, an exceptional craftsman in every respect. The shoe of this shoemaker from Montegranaro (a small village in the Marche region) is transformed into an unrivalled work of art, becoming a timeless classic that will always have something to say.
Doriano, like a modern alchemist, transforms the history of Italy, of the Italian craftsmanship, of the Florentine history of shops and corporations, into tangible and refined material.

Suppose you ever happen to visit Montegranaro and wanting to visit his workshop. In that case, you will find yourself leaping over the centuries to discover the uniqueness that only a few can show. It is a meticulous and precise, refined and glorious work that has been going on for over thirty years under the brand "Vicolo d'Arte".
A brand of excellence, recognized and awarded nationally and renowned internationally, resulting from an unequal study and exceptional manual skills that few, if any, possess.
Like the pictorial and sculptural workshops of the Renaissance, the artist's workshop was born in the same fashion in 1990, in Montegranaro. After a long pilgrimage around the Italian boot searching for models to emulate and overcome, Doriano encountered the master shoemaker Basilio Testella. He learned from Testella that the only way to overcome oneself is to get closer little by little to the coveted perfection.

It is pure alchemy: like raw sulfur, the heavy and rigid material becomes gold to don and a feather to wear.
Doriano's shoe is not a simple garment, not a simple shoe: it is a work of art made ad hoc for those who have the taste and the desire to show the world their uniqueness. Each shoe is particular. It is designed to be worn by one person only, and for that person only, it is perfect.
It is the triumph of exclusive beauty that only Doriano can make sublime. But perfection is stagnation, and those who believe they have achieved it will sink in the quicksands of time; unable to change will yield to the world in constant change. Hence the goal of Doriano's perfection will be unattainable as he endlessly tries to overcome his previous self. Again and again, a neverending story. Doriano's products have a peculiar nature; They are considered modern at birth, as they align with the current fashion, yet once worn, they immediately become a classic: a quantic phenomenon of the wearer that impacts the reality.

A good part of Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy deals with the limits of language. Here we've probably got a concrete example of what the Austrian philosopher meant: we cannot fully define Doriano Marcucci's brand. There are no words, if not a shower of praise. Doriano's creations must be lived, worn, exhibited with pride to understand them fully. It is not a shoe that one can describe; there is no acceptable word of mouth. It is a life experience, it is the "wonder" that accompanies you on the journey of your life, and it is a "marvel" that you must not let slip.

By Kaen Eugenio


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